A classical pen.

A simple and timeless design, the Boogie lets your logo stand out. It is enhanced by a particularly high material usage and a high-quality metal tip, giving this ball-point additional weight and sense of quality. You may never want to put it down. With a precise twist mechanism, the Boogie is available in a wide range of materials and colours.

available colours

printable areas


Boogie Gold

ART. 51 075

Boogie light solid

ART. 51 091

Boogie solid

ART. 51 071

Boogie solid Digital

ART. 51 072

Boogie basic

ART. 51 051

Boogie frost

ART. 51 050

Boogie Racing

ART. 51 056

Boogie Silver

ART. 51 055

Boogie Silver plus

ART. 51 060