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Promote by finishing 
to fini-ish ... to hone, to refine, to elaborate, to sharpen the quality up, to cultivate.

Source: "DUDENĀ® - German lexicon"
Silkscreen printing 
The logo gets ready for the advertising imprint by exposure with UV-light. There where the film is black, there the silkscreen is porous for the colour.

A coater streaks the colour through the open digits of the silkscreen and prints the motive and logo on the writing instrument.

It is possible to produce a more coloured and all around advertising imprint on a round writing instrument with a special machinery.

The technology of silkscreen printing is used for round barrels mostly, but is possible on flat surfaces, for example on a clip, too.
Laser engraving 
A laser engraving is suitable for metal writing instruments. A laser beam engraves the logo on metal surfaces very precisely. The colour of the engraving depends on the material of the ballpen.
Pad printing 
The film creates a recess in the printing plate by UV-light. The printing colour gets into this recess and a silicon stamp/pad takes the colour of it. Afterwards this pad stamps the logo directly on the article.

It is possible to create more coloured advertising imprints like in silkscreen printing system. But in pad printing we are able to realise more subtle motives and bigger grids.
An etching is possible on metal not lacquered surfaces only! A fluid electrolyte runs through a stamp with felt to the etching stencil. The metal writing instrument gets the etching with a low voltage.

The etching shows up in a anthracite colouring and it is eternal durable. Etching is an eternal advertising.
Refined ballpoints 
Principal a personalised writing instrument will become an effective and impressive advertising medium. We are finishing the writings instruments with our modern machinery for advertising.

We will be glad to consult you about the variegated imprint methods. Please contact us.